Locum Jobs for Doctors

Working as a locum doctor provides you with an alternative to occupying a permanent position at a hospital or general practice, often with a chance to access better pay rates.

Why should I do locum work?

There are various stages of your medical career where you may wish to consider working as a locum. For example:

  • consultants, specialty doctors and GPs may prefer the flexibility of this type of work or may enjoy the benefits of being self-employed
  • after Foundation you may decide you need more time before deciding which specialty path to take
  • specialty trainees may want a break between core and higher specialty training in uncoupled programmes


What are the advantages of being an NHS locum doctor?

  • independence to work where and when you choose across England, Scotland and Wales. 

  • locum jobs offer you a better work–life balance

  • a higher rate of pay is possible as there is a high demand for locum roles across both the NHS and private healthcare sectors

  • you could combine locum work with other employment outside medicine, special interests or charity work

  • earn money whilst exploring career options and possible work locations. Locum work provides an opportunity to observe and experience many different aspects and perspectives on a future medical career.

  • Pertemps Medical are an accredited NHS Framework supplier and receive thousands of shifts per week offering you a regular supply of varied, interesting, and rewarding work placements and roles

  • Get paid weekly. Pertemps Medical are also able to offer you daily pay by way of BACS payment

For more information about locum medical work, feel free to contact a member of our team or call 01908 533240.