Every licensed doctor in the UK is required to demonstrate that they are up to date and fit to practise by undertaking an annual appraisal and re-validating once every five years in order to retain their licence to practice.

Pertemps Medical endeavour to make this process very simple for you at a reasonable cost.

We are delighted to be partnered with The Medical Locum Union (MLU) This is a company that we do a lot of work with as Kate Lewis and Darren Wiggins, the founders of the MLU, are also Directors of AC International – the industry leading provider for Health Screening, training and Continued Professional Development.

There are many benefits of having your revalidation with The MLU, they include:

  • It is managed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.
  • The cost of appraisals are only £399.00 plus VAT to be paid annually. The cost of revalidation is also reduced to £399.00 plus VAT paid only once in your 5 year revalidation cycle.
  • Full Guidance and support.
  • Access to appraisers from various specialities.
  • Professional administration team who can offer end to end support and who are also trained appraisers.
  • Personal service to manage your account. Clear and concise communication so you are aware of the entire process.
  • Access to CPD training to assist with the appraisal process.
  • Occupational health advice and support.
  • Access to legal advice service.

 The MLU can be contacted directly via:

Tel: 01291 570970