Dr Gomez on assisting the Research team on a Recovery study for COVID-19

We wanted to say a huge well done to one of our Locum SHO Medicine Doctors, Dr Gomez who helped one of our clients by taking part in a National Recovery trial, which has already found one life-saving drug in treating COVID-19.

Dr Gomez assisted the Research team in highlighting potential patients for the Recovery study, whilst juggling her own clinical workload. Here she is being awarded a certificate of appreciation to say thank you. 

Dr Gomez who has since said:

COVID -19 is a global health pandemic that has presented a channel of understanding to the unknown. The knowledge garnered through long days on the ward has allowed us to overcome many obstacles and barriers to help give patients the best possible chance of recovery. The fear of potentially being infected whilst working on the frontline was a constant fear shared amongst every medical professional; you didn’t need to say it, it was a palpable feeling but the work was carried out as if the risk didn’t exist. We are encouraged by the fact that the recovery trial was always a little closer to finding a possible remedy or solution, and that by us being involved, we too are part of that painstaking process. As a doctor, I have a social responsibility not only to my patients but also to the wider community, so when presented with an opportunity to help, I grabbed it with both hands. In the medical sphere, we often find ourselves embroiled in and amongst the very thick of it, battling to keep a foothold on a virus that has left so many families devastated. Lastly, I would like to say that I have had the privilege to try and become part of a solution that will better everyone; I couldn't ask for more.

We along with the trust wanted to share this story with you to say a huge thank you for the extraordinary work that’s been put in and helped make a difference to the success of the trial.